Consulting on stock options


Businesses may attract core talents who are motivated to work even harder with stock options that offer financial compensation in proportion to corporate growth. The concept of stock options appears simple, but they should be granted and exercised in a manner that satisfies the complex regulations provided under the Korean statutes on commercial activities and venture businesses. Any stock options may be voided if they are granted or exercised in violation of the relevant statutes.

VEAT Law Firm provides consulting and legal counsel on the grant and exercise of stock options to businesses and their core talents who are not familiar with the relevant statutes. VEAT Law Firm also recommends ideal terms and conditions for stock options that can satisfy both the company and core talents and assists with the drafting of stock option agreements to allow minimized risk of dispute when unexpected circumstances arise following the grant of stock options, including the increase or reduction of the company's capital.

Key Services

- Legal counsel on the review of stock option agreements
- Legal counsel on disputes related to stock options
- Legal counsel on the design of stock options
- Other legal counsel on stock options