IT and software


Many IT businesses develop their own services, while many others also develop IT services for others based on technological competencies accumulated over the years. This is the so-called development service of software, and as the information society advances, the specialized software developers quite often develop programs based on outsourcing orders by others. Thus, disputes related to the services for the development of software tend to increase. A default or delayed payment of development fees, change or extension of development periods, disputes concerning inspection, occurrence of and accountability for defects in developed output, disputes over ownership of the intellectual property rights of the developed products, etc. cannot easily be resolved when the processes of software development services are not thoroughly understood.

VEAT Law Firm has accumulated high levels of experiences in settlement of legal disputes concerning contracts on software development services. In particular, we settle disputes over software development utilizing the knowledge and experience of IT experts who have developed software as professional software developers.

Key Services

- Action to legal disputes related to IT and software development
- Legal counseling on new IT services