Patents and trademarks


The patent right was developed to protect the invention of its inventor. Inventions eligible for patenting include all ideas concerning technologies. Thus, new substances, their production technologies, communication methods, and other technological ideas may be eligible for patenting. The copyright is an exclusive right on creative articles authored to express human thoughts or feelings. Copyright may be claimed for computer programs as well as classical creative articles such as novels, photos, and images.

The trademark is a right to use a registered mark on designated goods exclusively. It is an essential element that helps products or services of a business to be clearly distinguished from competing goods or services and their brand values to be developed. The patent, copyright, and trademark are powerful legal means to protect the core competitiveness of the businesses.

VEAT Law Firm provides approaches for taking preemptive actions to protect patents, copyrights, and trademarks, beginning with the stage of routine business management including employment contracts, contracts for service development, and service terms and conditions, as well as petitions for injunction, damages, and other litigations when patents, copyrights, or trademarks are infringed.

Key Services

- Legal counseling on filing or registration of patents or trademarks
- Legal counseling on disputes related to patents
- Legal counseling on disputes related to trademarks